The WISE Way: Fostering Resilience and Empowering Youth

Winners Institute for Successful Empowerment (WISE) Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing youth with the necessary resources to not only survive but to THRIVE! WISE promotes positive asset building and considers young people as resources, helping them to develop the resiliency needed to overcome any adversity and succeed. With WISE, youth can reach their full potential and become the leaders of tomorrow!

Winners Institute for Successful Empowerment (WISE) Inc:

Welcome to the Winners Institute for Successful Empowerment (WISE) Inc.!

Our organization is dedicated to fostering positive asset-building and empowering youth to reach their full potential. We strongly believe that they are a valuable resource and that resiliency and protective factors are essential in overcoming obstacles. Our mission is to provide future young leaders with the necessary tools and support to succeed and achieve their goals. We are committed to promoting personal development and being a beacon of hope in their lives.

We invite you to join us today and make a difference by providing the necessary resources that will allow our youth to thrive and succeed!



Wheelergy! Bike Club"Energized To Ride!"

Our unique, unifiying progam will:

1: Identify young people in the community who are interested in biking and want to learn about discipline, laws, and community engagement.

2: Provide training on bike safety, traffic laws, and responsible riding.

3: Organize regular group bike rides, led by trained adult leaders, to explore different neighborhoods and communities.

4: Encourage participation in local community events, such as bike safety fairs, charity rides, and clean-up projects.

5: Provide opportunities for leadership development and decision-making through participation in the planning and execution of group rides and community events.

6: Evaluate the program regularly to measure the impact on the young people's discipline, knowledge of laws, and community engagement.

7: Wear safety gear, follow road laws, and guide young riders for a fun and secure group ride.

8: Provide a mentor or adult leader that will be able to guide the young riders and make sure they are following the rules and discipline.

**Wheelergy! Bike Club - FREE BIKE Acquisition Program Requirements**

(Limited to 5th-12th grade students)

Welcome to the Wheelergy! Bike Club Free Bike Acquisition Program. We are thrilled to offer our members the opportunity to get their bikes at NO COST. To ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of cycling safely and responsibly, we have established the following straightforward requirements:

1.  Essay or Artwork Submission:

We encourage aspiring members to express their passion for cycling and their desire to join the Wheelergy! Bike Club. Choose one of two options: either write a two-paragraph essay (4-6 sentences) outlining why you wish to be a part of our community or create a thoughtful and creative picture that visually represents your enthusiasm for biking. This requirement allows us to understand your dedication and connection to the club's values.

2. Safety Cycling Class Completion:

All prospective members must complete a safety cycling class to enhance their knowledge of road rules, cycling etiquette, and essential safety precautions. This requirement ensures that everyone on the road is well-prepared to handle various situations, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting a safer biking community.

3. Regular Participation in Club Activities:

Being an active member of the Wheelergy! Bike Club is essential. To qualify for the free bike acquisition program, individuals must attend and actively participate in at least three club events or rides within three months. Active participation fosters camaraderie among members and contributes to the overall vibrancy of our cycling community.

4. Community Service Involvement:

The Wheelergy! Bike Club values giving back to the community. Prospective members must engage in at least one community service event organized or endorsed by the club. Contributing to improving our neighborhoods through service projects strengthens the community's bonds and showcases the positive impact of cycling enthusiasts.

By fulfilling these four requirements, you gain access to a bike at no cost and become an integral part of the Wheelergy! Bike Club, joining a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about cycling, safety, and the environment. Let's pedal together towards a greener and healthier future! 




## Initial meeting September 16, 2023 from 4-5pm ##

**Meetings will be held at New Dimensions Fellowship Church, 869 South Main St, Burlington, NC 27215**


A Young Leader Emerges In Zion Walker!

Walker, who has committed to play college ball at Mount Saint Mary’s University, said of his NIL partnership with Wheelergy!, “I feel it is important to get kids outside and meet new friends and see new places, instead of staring at their electronic devices all day.”

“I want to use my status for good,” he said. “I love this community and am excited about just being with the kids and hope to bring light, joy, positivity, peace, all while bringing kids from different neighborhoods and of different races together. I just love kids.”

Vanhook said that Walker is more than just a basketball player.

“He has a very high character and cares about his community. We are proud to have him as a mentor and ambassador,” Vanhook said..

By Robby Nelms                                            Times-News Staff Writer


Empowerment Through Education

The W.I.S.E. program will offer an array of exceptional services that are designed to produce favorable outcomes.

The Jopwell Collection

Positive Youth Development

An approach to youth support that focuses on building assets, strengths, and competencies in young people that will help them to achieve positive outcomes.



Civic Engagement

Programs and activities that foster young people's involvement in their communities, build leadership skills and develop a sense of efficacy.

Wise Inc and Midstate Magic Sports Make Waves: A Story of Community, Conservation, and Discovery in Burlington, NC (3/16/24)

The participation of the young kids and adults from Wise Inc and Midstate Magic Sports in the Haw River Assembly's 34th Annual Clean-Up-A-Thon was nothing short of inspiring. As they gathered to tackle the task of cleaning up Staley Creek and its surroundings, there was a palpable sense of excitement and purpose in the air.

The group worked tirelessly, picking up trash and debris with enthusiasm and determination. Despite the sometimes challenging conditions, their spirits remained high as they worked together to make a difference in their community.

During the cleanup, the kids made some remarkable discoveries. They found a bike submerged in the creek, tires scattered along the banks, and one lucky participant even caught a salamander! These discoveries added an extra element of excitement to the day and served as a reminder of the impact their efforts were having on the environment.

Overall, the Clean-Up-A-Thon was a moving experience for all involved. It not only helped to beautify the area but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and stewardship among the participants. The event served as a powerful reminder of the positive impact that individuals, no matter their age, can have on their community and the environment.

Take the First Step Towards Empowerment with WISE

At WISE, we believe in promoting positive asset building and considering young people as resources. Our mission is to provide youth with the tools and support they need to be successful and resilient in overcoming adversity. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help.

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About us

As the owner of the Winners Institute for Successful Empowerment (WISE) Inc. in Burlington, North Carolina, I'm proud to be part of the positive asset-building movement that views young people as resources. When the youth development field began to look at the role of resiliency, and how protective factors in a young person's environment could help them overcome adversity, I realized that I could provide an invaluable service to this community. At WISE, we provide a range of services for young people, including mentoring, career guidance, and life skills development. We also host events that bring together young people from diverse backgrounds, to share their stories and to help them better understand the power of resilience. By creating a safe and supportive environment, we can empower our youth to reach their potential and become more resilient.